Getting Through the Holidays

From Halloween through New Years is considered the ‘eating season’, and for those with eating disorders becomes more challenging to stay in recovery.

The Holidays can bring a flood of feelings. The expectation is that we should all have  positive and loving feelings around the holiday’s. However, some situations don’t turn out as we expect.

If this has been a year of losses for you, depression may increase over the holiday. Memories simulate feelings and some of us use food, alcohol and others compulsive  behaviors to divert those feelings. These substances and behaviors end up making us feel worse.

Be gentle with yourself this season, don’t over book activities and try to spend time with people who care about you (whether they are family or not). Get enough sleep, eat as healthy as you can and avoid too much alcohol.Remember to be ‘Grateful’ for what you do have instead of focussing on what you don’t have. Gratitude brings more to be grateful for. Talk about your feelings with someone who is non-judgemental of you and get support for yourself.

Here are a few tips to help you through: Predict times of high stress and have a plan of action to take care of yourself around the food. Call ahead to the hostess of a party and ask what is on the menu – offer to bring something ‘safe’ so you have choices. Plan to eat three meals a day or follow your dietitian’s meal plan, to reduce the chance of a binge (remember purging is not an option) or focusing on the food too much. Keep following your normal exercise routine. Have people you can call, carry their numbers with you, so you can get support if you need it. Focus more on the size of your heart than on the size of your hips, we all can be of service to others at this time of the year.

Have a safe and sane holiday season.

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I am now offering Zoom Video sessions and Phone sessions.

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