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Is your New Years Resolution to lose weight – Again?

Do you start out strong on a yearly diet but fall short of your goal? It may not just be what you are eating but what is eating you. Diets don’t work because they do not address the emotional reason’s that most people over eat.  It’s not your fault! Mondays and Wednesday, 5655 Lindero Canyon Rd. […]

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Getting Through the Holidays

From Halloween through New Years is considered the ‘eating season’, and for those with eating disorders becomes more challenging to stay in recovery. The Holidays can bring a flood of feelings. The expectation is that we should all have  positive and loving feelings around the holiday’s. However, some situations don’t turn out as we expect. If […]

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Additional Services offered: Clinical Consulting

If you are a treatment center and are thinking about offering eating disorder treatment as well, I can help. With my years of experience starting up new PHP/outpatient eating disorder programs I am available for consultation as well as have a full operating system of forms, assessments, handouts etc. to run an eating disorder program.  Please feel free […]

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