Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Specialist

Have you ever been unable to stop thinking about food or your weight? Are you unhappy with your body? We need to talk!

Eating disorders come in many shapes and sizes. I provide treatment for Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge/Compulsive Overeating. There are so many destructive behaviors and negative thoughts that someone with an eating disorder suffers with. Some people don’t even know they have an eating disorder because their behaviors and thoughts may be different than a narrow definition of what they have heard. I offer education, evaluations, support and straight-talk to help clients understand and resolve their issues with food.

Eating disorders are not about food, which is hard to understand since all your thoughts may be wrapped up with nothing but food and weight. By uncovering feelings that have not been expressed many people come to find their eating disorder behaviors decrease.

By improving self esteem it can improve body image. How can that be? By learning to identify new ways of coping with life instead of reacting to it, that is what I can help you understand. An eating disorder develops  for a reason, maybe as a way to control certain aspects of your life. Let me help you find good reasons to give up destructive behaviors that now control you.

Specialized Eating Disorder Evaluations

I have worked with eating disorder clients at “all” levels of care. Many people are not sure what kind of treatment they may need. I pride myself in thorough evaluations with honest feedback of what kind of treatment may give the best results. If I think I can help you we’ll work together to come up with a good treatment plan.  That often includes collaboration with other professionals such as nutritionists or psychiatrists. If I believe you (or a loved one) need a higher level of care I will provide referrals to those levels of care as well. I have relationships with many different treatment centers all over the U.S. that offer inpatient, day treatment or intensive outpatient programs.

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